Just So Busy!

A little attempt to excuse my absence from the blog and an update on what’s been going on!

My deepest apologies, to myself first and foremost, and then to anyone who might be reading. It’s been two months since I last blogged. When I began this I promised myself I would strive to write an entry at least once a month. As June and July came and went there were times when I thought to myself “Must write something before the month is out”, but something else always managed to pop up and demand my attention.


The other problem is the agony of choice. Deciding what to blog about has proved to be a task in itself. This entry is a little attempt at breaking the cycle and giving a general update as to what’s been going on and what is to come!


Acting wise, rehearsals for Sodbury Players’ production of ‘The Audience’ by Peter Morgan have been going very well indeed, with just over a month until opening night. We believe we may be the first amateur group in the UK to put on this production and it has already been attracting high ticket sales. I strongly urge anyone who’s looking to see this production not to wait too long before securing your tickets! I’ve also been kept busy with rehearsals for our rendition of ‘George and the Dragon’, a piece of street theatre we put on for the Sodbury 800 celebrations. This was an enjoyable piece, a mini-pantomime as it were, with plenty of slapstick and mildly suggestive humour! I’ve also been writing a One Act play, though this is very much in the early stages.


Speaking of writing, work on the second installment of ‘The Figment Wars’ continues apace. There was a point where it could be a coin toss that decided which I was going to proof read on a given night, the One Act or the manuscript. I have been greatly touched by all the enquiries as to when this second installment will be published, and rest assured that as soon as I know, you all will!


My marketing endeavours have been revamped, with new leaflets advertising my school workshops on the way. I’ve also put in an order for custom made stickers, to be used at various events. If there’s one thing that several years of working with children has taught me, it’s that everyone loves a sticker!


Many events are on the horizon, the most recently announced is Em Con Derby, where I’ll be at table 21 selling and signing copies of ‘The Figment Wars: Through the Portals’. This event will represent the furthest afield I’ve been so far to sell and promote my book. Having done an Em Con before, I am greatly looking forward to this one!


All in all, I have been very busy striving to bring ‘The Figment Wars’ to new readers. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog, this little attempt to make excuses for my absence. Hopefully next time it will be a great deal more focused!

Em Con Worcester 2018

A quick review of my day selling and signing at Em Con Worcester

Slightly belated, I’ll admit, but here’s a nice quick blog reflecting on a brilliant day selling and signing at Em Con Worcester!


First of all, it’s always a joy to return to Worcester. It was where I studied to become a teacher and I have many fond memories of the city. I also have some hazy memories of my first year, mostly Fresher’s Week I believe. Truth be told, on returning to Worcester I found it wonderfully eerie to walk those familiar streets and feel as though I’d only been away for a weekend, whereas in reality it has been several years.


Now, to the convention itself!


I arrived with about forty minutes to spare before the doors opened, which was fine given that I only had a certain amount of things to set up. Barring a minor disaster transferring my books from car to stall (I’m never trusting collapsible boxes again), I was rather pleased with how my stall was looking. The roller banner saw its first event, and although it made the table look a bit uneven all there on its own, I’m confident it will soon be joined by another banner.


The definite highlight of the set up was John Rhys Davies, coming around to every stall before the event opened with a word of greeting. I’ve not yet done many of these events from this side of the trader table, but I can certainly say that this was a great surprise. John Rhys Davies is a true gentleman, making time for everyone at these events.


The doors were flung open and the crowds let in. Over the course of the day I talked to some lovely people, handed out many business cards and, of course, sold a few books. I even had a repeat customer from another event enquiring as to when the sequel will be out! Rest assured, as soon as I know, you will all know! Suffice to say I left the event with considerably fewer copies of ‘The Figment Wars: Through the Portals’ than I came with (which is just as well, considering my storage box broke on the way in).


All in all, this was a very good event. A strong start for Em Con in Worcester and I sincerely hope that it will become a regular occurrence.