David R Lord lives in South Gloucestershire with his partner of many years.

His first fantasy novel, ‘Through the Portals’ was published by Austin Macauley in 2015. A sequel, ‘Search for the Caretaker’, soon followed in 2018. The third and final instalment is due for publication sometime in 2021. This will complete the Figment Wars trilogy. You can find free Figment Wars vignettes here on David’s blog, and while the trilogy may be coming to a close, David is not adverse to the idea of more vignettes set in the Realm of Imagination.

Having taken an extended break from performing since leaving university, David returned to tread the boards in 2017. Joining his local amateur theatre group has been a true turning point for David, and has led to a great many wonderful experiences, including some professional work as an extra on a number of TV shows produced in the South West.

David R Lord with his first novel, ‘The Figment Wars: Through the Portals’
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